About Cuncolim Muncipal Council !!

History of Municipalities in India

Municipal bodies have a long history in India. Municipalities in India came into form in the British era. The first of the municipalities in India was in the city of Chennai as the Municipal Corporation in the year 1688. Corporation was set up to levy certain direct taxes and to provide certain amenities like education, cleaning the roads etc. This was followed by the setting up of the subsequent municipalities in India in the states of Mumbai and Kolkata in 1726. The Constitution of India has made detailed provisions for ensuring protection of democracy in Parliament and in the state legislatures.

In order to provide for a common framework for urban local bodies and help to strengthen the functioning of the bodies as effective democratic units of self-government, Parliament enacted the Constitution (74th Amendment) Act, 1992 relating to municipalities in 1992. The Act received the assent of the President on 20 April 1993. The Government of India notified 1 June 1993 as the date from which the said Act came into force. A new part IX-A relating to the Municipalities has been incorporated in the Constitution to provide for among other things, constitution of three types of Municipalities, i.e., Nagar Panchayats for areas in transition from a rural area to urban area, Municipal Councils for smaller urban areas and Municipal Corporation for large urban areas, fixed duration of municipalities.

About Cuncolim Municipal Council

The Cuncolim Municipal Council was earlier the Panchayat of Cuncolim. Vide notification No. 2-52/83-LAWD(Cuncolim)-17 dated 22/05/1987 the same was constituted as the new Municipal Council. All the Municipalities in Goa became constitutional bodies after the 74th Amendment in the Constitution of India. Article 243 has thus been suitably modified to accommodate the provision of the said amendment. These institution are dealing with day to day work of the citizens. From the birth till death a citizen requires assistance of this institution.

Cuncolim Municipal Council deals with the following works such as issue of construction licence, reconstruction licenses/renovation licenses, issue of occupancy certificate, house tax, issue of NOC for electricity/water/ sewerage connection, issue of income certificate, residence certificate, issue of trade liecence, permission for advertisement, registration of birth and death, Day to day garbage collection, attending public grievance concerning municipality.

The total population of the town is 25,000 approx. Cuncolim Municipal council consist of 10 wards

  • Ward no. 1 :- Panzorconi
  • Ward no 2 :- Veroda
  • Ward no 3 :- Comba-Paricotto
  • Ward no 4 :- Sanvorcotto
  • Ward no 5 :- Demani
  • Ward no 6 :- Bhiunsa
  • Ward no 7 :-Mardicotto
  • Ward no 8 :- Dandora-Murida
  • Ward no 9 :- Voddy
  • Wad no10 :- Culwado

    • Cuncolim Municipal Council is bounded on the east by Ambaulim Panchayat of Quepem Taluka and Village Panchayat Chinchinim, Assolna & Velim on West. Province of Balli and velim to the south and Sarzora to the north.