Art & Craft of Cuncolim !!

Cuncolim Art & Craft

Wooden art of Cuncolim is very much famous in all over Goa. A Chitari Community from Demani have been making very interesting and unique "low wooden stools" (used for religious functions in India), famously known as "Paats". Their products have 2 kinds of styles, one hand-painted and the other intricately carved. They are also an expert in turning and carving wood, Chitari's from Demani also make wooden toys, wooden fruits, and other small products. These wooden fruits are very much in demand during the Ganesh Chaturthi festival as people gives these wooden fruits to their newly married daughter as a Gift of Ganesh Chaturthi festival , popularly known as " Wojem " in Goa. The Chitari Community have also been supplying products to Sawantwadi, the town of wooden toys and furniture. The Carved furniture of Chitari's is also in demand in foreign countries.