Information about Cuncolim !!

Cuncolim is a Village situated in the Salcete Taluka of district South Goa. It is known to have a municipal council of its own and is part of the Assolna, Velim, Cuncolim & Chinchinim (AVCC) network of villages. The village was earlier known as Kumkumahalli which meant a village where kumkum or vermilion was produced and it thus derived the name Cuncolim. The village of Cuncolim is known for the Cuncolim Revolt against Portuguese expansion in India.


Cuncolim Culture

There are 12 clans in Cuncolim that have the same names in the temple as well as the church. The village also has 12 bunds or water gathering centres which is unique traditional village irrigation. The villagers in Cuncolim live in unity and communal harmony and the Hindus, Muslims as well as Christians celebrate zatras as well as the feasts with the same pomp and fervor.

Cuncolim is also the original place of Shree Shantadurga temple before it was demolished and the idol of Shree Shantadurga was taken to Fatorpa where Shree Shantdurga Kuncolikarin temple stands today. In December/January the annual zatra is celebrated. During the month of March-April the Utsav idol of the Goddess is taken back to the original site at Tolleabhat Cuncolim in a procession. This marks the famous festival known as the Sontreo (Umbrellas) consisting 12 Umbrellas representing 12 vangodds (clans) , thus re-enacting the migration of the goddess and many Hindu families who fled Salcete to preserve their faith.



It has 5 high schools namely Our Lady of Health, Cuncolim United High School, Infant Jesus High School, Maria Bambina Convent High School and St. Anthony High School (formerly known as Hutatma Rajanikant Kenkre Memorial High School). Higher secondary needs are catered by Maria Bambina Higher secondary School and Cuncolim United Higher secondary School , former has Arts and Commerce stream whereas latter has both the streams in addition to Science. C.E.S. College of Arts and Commerce is the only college in Cuncolim which mostly has students from areas surrounding Cuncolim. Prabal's Institute of Commerce and Computer Education has been imparting typing and computer skills for the last 25 years.


Places of Interest in Cuncolim

Besides the church and chapels, Cuncolim is also home to seven temples, the Molangunim Cave, small waterfalls at the foot of the seven temples, and the Nayaband Lake.